Art Evokes a Feeling


Chiharu Shiota’s installation (Trace of Memory) at the Mattress Factory

An image from Shiota’s 2013 installation called Trace of Memory, detailed on this website here, that “explores the relationship between waking life and memories through hauntingly beautiful installations that incorporate everyday objects like books, suitcases and beds encased in webs of yarn.”

As someone who–nightly–experiences vivid dreams, I know the “fade upon awakening” feeling. But this is something more. Maybe this is the bedroom of your childhood. Except the bed from your childhood was shaped like a racecar and your walls were blue with painted clouds and you were surrounded by bright happy books and a polka-dotted rug. But you know, in your dream, that this is the bedroom of your childhood. What slant do dreams press upon us?

This could go two ways:

Dreams are memories, only from the perspective of emotion rather than circumstance.

Or, we can never quite slog through the reality of what occurred in the past because memories, like an untouched corner of the attic shrouded in dust, are impressions formed at the moment which bend over time like refracted light, skewing the details.

Either way, art evokes feelings and all that. Go sports!




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