What would you do if there were no consequences?

You know how if an airplane starts to plummet out of the sky there’s this idea that the people on board can finally throw caution to the wind, have sex in the aisles, smoke cigarettes, wear white after Labor Day, etc.?


Best movie ever.

What if we had that kind of complete freedom without the whole crashing-in-an-airplane thing?

Imminent death yields this mindset: nothing I do at this moment matters. What if we could capture that, just for a few hours?

No consequences. What would people do? What would you do?

OutliersThat’s the premise of When We Go Flying, a story L.A. Little was gracious enough to include in his anthology, OUTLIERS OF SPECULATIVE FICTION (um, for sale here at Amazon).

An excerpt:

“…she just shakes her head at me like I’m a kid, like she knows the secret of the world and I don’t. But I do, and it’s this: the world doesn’t have any secret. We’re like those seeds that fall from maple trees, those helicopters, those whirligigs. Our life is the flight down. We’re twirling and weaving at the whim of the air currents. Once you can admit that, you’re free.”

I was lucky to be part of this project, because it includes a whole bunch of authors way more awesome than me: Cat Rambo (Cat freakin Rambo!), S. Kay, P.E. Bolivar… And tons more. Weird, wild tales in that cozy spot just to the left of reality.



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